Norway Spruce Balled and Burlapped Trees


We are currently in field gathering our current availability for spring 2021 and will have pricing early 2021. We will begin taking orders for spring balled and burlap trees at that time.

Under 4' $60.00 Check back soon
4'-5' $60.00 Check back soon
5'-6' $70.00 Check back soon
6'-7' $90.00 Check back soon
7'-8' $110.00 Check back soon
8'-9' $130.00 Check back soon
9'-10' $165.00 Check back soon
10'-12' $200.00 Check back soon
12'-14' $300.00 Check back soon
14'-16' $400.00 Check back soon
16' plus $500.00 Check back soon


( Picea abies )

The Norway spruce is a coniferous evergreen often used as a decorative tree, as a windbreak, or as noise abatement. The tree typically reaches five feet within seven years. It can tolerate acidic soils well, but doesn’t grow well on dry soil.

Detailed Information

Zone: 3-7
Mature Height: 40-60′
Mature Spread: 25-30′
Growth Rate: Medium, 13-24″/yr
Mature Form: Pyramidal
Sun Exposure: Full sun
Soil Type: Acidic, loamy, moist, well-drained
Deer Resistance: Yes
Wildlife Value: Cover for deer and small game, great habitat for songbirds
Product Uses: Screening / windbreak