Brown's Tree Farm makes every effort to grow and ship top quality plant material. Due to the multitude of environmental and other conditions outside of Brown's control, Brown's Tree Farm does not guarantee or provide any warranty on any plant material sold. Brown's Tree Farm specifically disclaims all implied warranties including the warranty of merchantability and the warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. Thus, THE RISK OF LOSS of any plant material provided by Brown's passes to the Customer immediately upon shipment by Brown's Tree Farm.

All orders are confirmed ONLY with a 25% deposit to Brown's Tree Farm. Balance due by 12pm EST two business days prior to delivery. All returned checks are subject to a $50.00 fee, plus any additional fees that may be incurred by Brown's Tree Farm.

All orders are subject to market changes, exhausted supply or shortage beyond the control of Brown's Tree Farm. We reserve the right to reject all or any part of an order refunding payments made.

Liability ceases when trees are delivered to the carrier. If breakage occurs or if stock suffers through delay in transit, claims should be made immediately to the transportation company.

It is the customer's responsibility to have ample equipment and manpower on hand at the time of delivery ensuring an expeditious unloading time. Failure to do so may cause buyer to incur additional charges payable at the time of delivery, from the freight company at their discretion. We are not responsible for any charges that may be incurred due to a delay in delivery (labor or equipment). If trees are refused on delivery the customer is still responsible to pay the full freight amount. The freight charge, separate from the sale, is not based on the number of trees on the load, but the miles it takes to get the trees delivered. Any cancellations on behalf of the buyer must be communicated to Brown's Tree Farm by 12pm EST two business days prior to scheduled delivery date.

All Balled and Burlap AND / OR cut trees must be counted and inspected by species and size upon delivery by a qualified responsible company representative. Any problems or discrepancies must be recorded on the bill of lading and immediately forwarded to the office. No adjustments will be made without documentation.

Brown's Tree Farm recommends planting trees as soon as possible upon delivery!

Thank you,

William C. Brown, Owner
Brown's Tree Farm