Austrian Pine Balled and Burlapped Trees


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( Pinus Nigra )

Austrian pine trees, sometimes known as Austrian Black Pine, are a hardy, coniferous evergreen that is versatile and fast-growing. Its needles are dark green. It can thrive in a variety of soil conditions, including sandy, loamy and acidic, and grows best with full sun. It tolerates drought conditions.

These trees are often useful when used as windbreak or privacy screens. They are popular for mass planting.

Detailed Information

Zone: 4-7
Mature Height: 50-60′
Mature Spread: 20-40′
Growth Rate: Medium, up to 12″/yr
Mature Form: Oval
Sun Exposure: Full sun
Soil Type: Acidic, clay, alkaline, prefers well-drained sandy loam
Deer Resistance: Moderate
Wildlife Value: Great for birdnesting
Product Uses: Novelty landscaping