About Brown's Tree Farm

Brown's Tree Farm is located in Eastern Lycoming County, Pennsylvania that sells wholesale evergreens and cut Christmas Trees. We manage over 1200 acres of evergreens across 13 farms and grow 17 species of trees.

We encourage you to schedule a tour of our operations, check our price lists for wholesale Christmas trees and dug wholesale evergreen trees, or contact us for more information.


Our History - How it all began...

Back in the early 50's my grandmother found out that she had a heart murmur, and was unable to purchase life insurance. For that reason, she began to purchase land, preferably farms in Lycoming county to secure her "so called" retirement for family. Naturally, that became her stream for success, and a great business move that has passed down through generations.
In the latter part of the fifties (1956) the federal government introduced the Soil Bank Program which restricted the supplies of commodities. This forced Grandma to transition 28,000 acres to conservation. Grandma sold the trees provided by the Soil bank program for a whopping $1.00.


The Soil bank Program included planting Scotch Pines (not the best species for a Christmas tree). We always cut our Christmas tree from one of her many farms after that.

In 1969 my Grandmother went into a nursing home, and I made sure that she had one of her many Scotch Pines in her room at the nursing home. This made grandma smile, and I was elated to bring her that joy. For that reason, I owe grandma that gratifying moment of starting my career in the evergreen business. Grandma passed away several months after that visit. It was a very sad time for me, but it inspired me to take the evergreen business to the next level.

In 1975, I met up with an old guy friend from Sunday school who I had not seen in several years. My friend also had an interest in trees, and was selling them at a retail lot in State College. The timing seemed to be right; my friend had a stand and was knowledgeable about selling them and I had a pipeline for growing because of Grandma.

I had an empty lot on the golden strip, the former WYNO Volkswagen. It was a used car lot that lent itself well being a retail tree lot. The business went crazy, and soon we had three retail lots which were experiencing success.
In 1982, I branched off and purchased "881", a 116acre farm located on Route 118 outside of Hughesville. Not long after that, we bought additional farms in New York State.

In the mid 1990's, the partnership ended and I went on to purchase many other farms. Today, Brown's Tree farm includes 12 farms and spans over 1,200 acres in the mountains of central Pennsylvania. Retail tree lots are no longer a part of the operation, but still provide me with a great memory of how it all began.

With a team of dedicated staff, the farm is able to provide customers all across the United States with a variety of quality wholesale evergreens. Please, come and take a tour! We would love to share the farm with you.

-Bill Brown



Browns Tree Farm
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