Green Giant Arborvitae Balled and Burlapped


We are currently in field gathering our current availability for spring 2021 and will have pricing early 2021. We will begin taking orders for spring balled and burlap trees at that time.

Under 4' $65.00 Check back soon
4'-5' $65.00 Check back soon
5'-6' $75.00 Check back soon
6'-7' $100.00 Check back soon
7'-8' $125.00 Check back soon
8'-9' $150.00 Check back soon
9'-10' $175.00 Check back soon
10'-12' $225.00 Check back soon
12'-14' $300.00 Check back soon
14'-16' $400.00 Check back soon
16' plus $500.00 Check back soon
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( Thuja green giants )

Green giant trees feature dense, scale like foliage and a rich green color. They are a very adaptable species of tree hedge that can withstand heavy ice and snow loads or drier climates. Thuja green giant trees are also very resistant to diseases and pests (including deer), making it a hearty choice for privacy screens, windbreaks, noise screens and decorative landscape trees.

Green giants grow up to two or three feet per year. When spacing your green giant arborvitae, consider the desired maximum height of the screen. For smaller screens, space your arborvitae 5 to 6 feet apart. If allowing peak mature height, space trees 12 to 20 feet apart.