White Pine Conservation Grade Trees


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( Pinus strobus )

White pines, sometimes known as eastern white pine trees, have soft clusters of blue-green needles. They are native to eastern North America and are considered one of the tallest trees in that area, some growing to be more than 100 feet tall. White pine trees grow well in large spaces. They’re also commonly used as Christmas trees because of their cone shape and ability to hold needles well after harvesting.

Detailed Information

Zone: 4-7
Mature Height: 50-60′
Mature Spread: 20-25′
Growth Rate: 12-24″/yr
Mature Form: Conical
Sun Exposure: Full sun to partial shade
Soil Type: Acidic, loamy, well-drained
Deer Resistance: Yes
Wildlife Value: Great cover for rabbits, deer, and a variety of birds