Douglas Fir Cut Christmas Trees


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( Pseudotsuga taxifolia )

The Douglas fir, sometimes called the Oregon pine or Douglas spruce, is a coniferous evergreen with a myriad of uses, from Christmas trees and ornamental trees to windbreaks or hedges. It is the second tallest conifer in the world and grows fast in a variety of conditions.

Detailed Information

Zone: 4-6
Mature Height: 40-70′
Mature Spread: 12-20′ at maturity
Growth Rate: Medium rate, 13-24″/yr
Mature Form: Pyramidal shape
Sun Exposure: Full sun to partial shade, prefers unfiltered sunlight
Soil Type: Prefers acidic or neutral soil that is well drained
Deer Resistance: No
Wildlife Value: Great cover for wide range of animals, especially songbirds, squirrels, rabbit, and grouse
Product Uses: Excellent specimen for grouping