Concolor Fir Balled and Burlapped Trees


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The white fir tree (also known as the concolor fir) is a medium to a large coniferous evergreen that provides a decorative contrast to darker-colored evergreens. It’s a popular Christmas tree because of the natural citrus aroma and soft needles. Concolor fir trees are tolerant of a considerable amount of shade and grow best on moist, loamy soils, but also often grow on dry, thin soils. The tree is a popular choice in ornamental landscaping.

Detailed Information

Zone: 3-8
Mature Height: 30-100′
Mature Spread: 15-25′
Growth Rate: Slow to medium, 12-24″/yr
Mature Form: Pyramid / symmetrical shape
Sun Exposure: Full sunlight or partial shade
Soil Type: Any type of well-drained soil including loam, sand, or acidic soil with higher PH
Deer Resistance: No
Wildlife Value: Great for grouse, squirrels, and cicadees
Product Uses: Windbreaks / privacy and urban landscaping due to nice color