Concolor Fir Balled and Burlapped Trees


We are currently in field gathering our current availability for spring 2021 and will have pricing early 2021. We will begin taking orders for spring balled and burlap trees at that time.

Under 4' $90.00 Check back soon
4'-5' $90.00 Check back soon
5'-6' $100.00 Check back soon
6'-7' $125.00 Check back soon
7'-8' $150.00 Check back soon
8'-9' $175.00 Check back soon
9'-10' $200.00 Check back soon
10'-12' $300.00 Check back soon
12'-14' $400.00 Check back soon
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The white fir tree (also known as the concolor fir) is a medium to a large coniferous evergreen that provides a decorative contrast to darker-colored evergreens. It’s a popular Christmas tree because of the natural citrus aroma and soft needles. Concolor fir trees are tolerant of a considerable amount of shade and grow best on moist, loamy soils, but also often grow on dry, thin soils. The tree is a popular choice in ornamental landscaping.

Detailed Information

Zone: 3-8
Mature Height: 30-100′
Mature Spread: 15-25′
Growth Rate: Slow to medium, 12-24″/yr
Mature Form: Pyramid / symmetrical shape
Sun Exposure: Full sunlight or partial shade
Soil Type: Any type of well-drained soil including loam, sand, or acidic soil with higher PH
Deer Resistance: No
Wildlife Value: Great for grouse, squirrels, and cicadees
Product Uses: Windbreaks / privacy and urban landscaping due to nice color