Colorado Blue Spruce Cut Christmas Trees


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( Picea pungens glauca )

Blue spruce trees, sometimes called Colorado Blue Spruce or blue evergreen trees, are a perennial Christmas tree favorite. The bluer select variety of the Colorado spruce is a highly sought after tree because of its blue color. They also make great windbreaks and ornamental landscaping trees where the soil is moist. However, the Colorado Blue Spruce is the most drought tolerant spruce tree.

Detailed Information

Zone: 2-7
Mature Height: 50-75′
Mature Spread: 10-20′
Growth Rate: Slow to medium, 12-24″/yr
Mature Form: Columnar, pyramidal shape
Sun Exposure: Full sun
Soil Type: Adapts to many soils, grows well in acidic, loamy, moist, rich sandy, well drained and clay soil
Deer Resistance
Wildlife Value: Provides food and shilter for siskins, nuthatches, and crossbills
Product Uses: Hedging, great for privacy and windbreak

Additional information

Tree Height

Under 4', 4'–5', 5'-6', 6'-7', 7'-8', 8'-9', 9'-10', 10'-12', 12'-14', 14'-16', 16' plus, #2 8'-10', #2 6'-8'